The doomed journey

The failure of the Industry, Member States and EU to protect animals en route to Turkey

Blood Farms

Our investigations in Argentina and Uruguay

Animal transports

We monitor the adherence to and campaign for a tightening of animal protection laws.

Stunning with CO2

We demand the elimination of CO2 stunning for "slaughter pigs".

Horsemeat import from torturous production

After the large success of our first investigation. We stick around and fight for the victims of the international meat import.


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Turkey | Slaughterplant Konya | Control of Slaughterplants

Promising news from Turkey- the EonA and TSB|AWF team in Turkey just visited a slaughterhouse in Konya that had taken animal behaviour into account when designing it two years ago. It was by far the "best" one seen so far during our three years inspecting and trying to improve slaughterhouses in Turkey. There were anti-mounting more


France | Strasbourg - EU Parliament | Presentation on animal transport to Turkey at Intergroup meeting

We hold a presentation on live animal exports from the EU to Turkey in front of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals of the European Parliament. We present the findings of our 5-year-investigation at the Turkish border and show a sequence from our film on animal transport to Turkey. The subsequent discussion is lively more


SRF: Animal rights activists are not really happy with the new rules at Sechseläuten

Read the article on line read more


The Turkish-language magazine "Referans" writes about EU animal transport in Turkei

The Turkish-language magazine " Referans", distributed throughout Germany, Austria and Belgium to the Turkish community and mosques, printed a 6-page article about EonA and TSB|AWF´s efforts at reducing the suffering of animals during transport from Europe to Turkey and in the slaughterhouses in Turkey. The article illustrates more


Mondiaal Nieuws from Belgium writes about animal transport

Read the article on lineread more


Mediapart: exportations to Turkey are cruels and against the law

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The Italian Leonardo news writes about the animal transport

See the article on lineread more


Agra Europe: EU animal welfare groups call for ban on live exports to Turkey

Three European animal welfare organisations are calling for a ban on long-distance transport of live animals to Turkey after a five year investigation revealed ‘systematic violations’ of EU regulations. Read the article on lineread more

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Boycott horsemeat from cruel conditions.

Here you can read where horsemeat from abroad is sold. List to downloadfileadmin/DATEIEN/tsb/Black_List/2016_04_08_Blacklist_Online.pdf.
(update 8.4.2016)